STAR WARS: What We Lose After Episode IX Ends


#4 Characters

When the saga ends, it will close the book on all the characters we have come to follow these past three years.  The sequel trilogy in theory was supposed to be the trilogy that launched us into the future, following the next generation of leaders and Jedi. Instead after Episode IX we will never see any of these characters again.  For now, Daisy Ridley is set to walk away from Star Wars.  While Oscar Isaacs and Jon Boyega would possibly do more, it just doesn’t mean as much without the Jedi.  Also, them having stand alone films would basically be dipping back into the saga.  Whatever movies we get from here on out will start from scratch with whole new characters and set-ups.

#3 Jedi vs Sith

This seems like an odd thing to have on a never to be seen again list, but it is true.  There is only one way we ever see Jedi and Sith again.  Like I previously stated, Disney won’t dump the saga and then jump ahead ten years and keep going.  There will be no films placed later in the timeline than the sequel trilogy.

The problem going into the past is there is no past save the ancient past.  Before Darth Maul reveals their presence, the Sith haven’t been seen for a millennia.  You have a thousand years where you can’t have Jedi v Sith.  The only way we can ever see the two force wielding groups face off would be the Old Republic.  We all want this of course, but it sucks this story line is the only way we ever see red lightsabers clash with blue and green lightsabers.