The After-party of Misery

Gendry later completes his hunt of Arya. He not only shares his good news but how much he wants to share it with Arya. The problem is that was never Arya – not as a kid and most certainly not now. She is an assassin, not a lady. Even though Arya sweetly declined Gendry, his pain rang clear. He and Arya shared too many adventures – no more.

Dani’s appearance in Jon’s room later came as little surprise, but we quickly see the difference in their names. House Targaryen is pro-incest while the North is not. Again we see desperation in Dani as she begs Jon to keep the secret of who he is; However, Ned’s ghost returns. Jon pulls the same stupid, blind loyalty type move Ned pulled that led to his death. Jon HAS to tell his siblings. Dani knows if that happens, its all over and there will be opposition to her sitting the Iron Throne.

Then came the scene I was was expecting later on and not in the Heart of Winterfell – Bron. We knew he was coming and something would go down, but how did he walk into the ehart of Winterfell carrying a loaded crossbow?! Bron was typical Bron as were Jamie and Tyrion. Bron haggled his way to a more powerful position, but this also depends on the winds of change. No doubt was left that the minute Cersei looks to have the advantage, he will kill them. The phrase “Don’t die” used to have a more friendly feel to it.

From Boner To Bone-Head

Lastly we have Jamie and Brienne. Their love scene was executed perfectly. Brienne, the awkward virgin with Jamie the more experienced of the two, but as with Arya and Gendry, the post-sex scene showed the discontent in Jamie, as it was with Arya.

Jamie then runs off “to-be-with” Cersei. In the process he confesses what a horrible person he is and all that he has done for the love of his sister. Brienne kind of takes on the Luke Skywalker role of seeing all the good in Jamie. If she was running back to Cersei, I’m shocked he wasn’t stopped for desertion since he knows the secrets of the Northern Army, but off he goes. Is he really running back to Cersei, or is he running back to end her?