Jason David Frank; Power Rangers

Jason David Frank is best known as one of the most legendary Power Rangers of all time. But did you know he was bullied himself? As Tommy Oliver he’s been enough Rangers to form his own team. When Power Rangers first introduced Tommy, his character was a loner. Eventually, he became one with a team. Many children, and now adults, look to Frank as a sense of inspiration. What many might not know is that Frank himself was the victim of bullying as a child.

Jason David Frank’s Bully

Bullying is something that many of us have dealt with as children. Now, it has become widespread and has lead to many kids committing suicide. The statistics on bullying are alarming. It’s currently the number 3 cause of death among young people, and over 14% of young people have had thoughts of suicide due to bullying. JDF recently put out a video on his YouTube account by sharing a poem about bullying. In it Jason David Frank shares a poem in his own words accounting his own bullying experience.

JDF’s Personal Experience

Not many knew that Jason David Frank struggled with bullying as a kid growing up. That actually served as his jumpstart to enroll in karate. Jason shared a personal experience with me about an instance when he was on the receiving end of bullying just for wearing a Wolverine t-shirt.

It’s those memories that you store in you mind, but I guess that’s what made me who I am today. I lived that at a very early period of my life, I remember even having lunch stolen. I finally got to the point where I trained and had confidence. The confidence gave me enough not to be the victim.

Now, Jason David Frank wears his Wolverine shirts with pride. Frank has been producing more spoken word content lately to share his personal experiences and struggles such as Mask. Check out JDF’s YouTube channel for more great inspiration videos with his spoken word.