Now I know what you’re thinking. Another playlist movie? Been there, done that, but hold on! Reserve judgement for just a second. The Ultimate Playlist of Noise is the first feature film by writer Mitchell Winkie and directed by Bennett Lasseter. The film tells the story of Marcus (Keenan Johnson), a Senior in High School who is obsessed with music, audio, playlists, and all things noise. However, in a terrible turn of events, Marcus learns that he must undergo brain surgery that will render him deaf. In order not to sink away from the world and embrace his unknown future, Marcus decides to embark on a cross country journey creating the Ultimate Playlist of Noise – 50 of his all time favorite sounds.

Not Just Another Playlist Movie

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise is the 6th Feature Film released from American High and I honestly don’t know if it kicks Banana Split out of my top position, but it’s definitely a very close 2nd. I found The Ultimate Playlist of Noise to be a fantastic coming of age journey of self-discovery while relearning to love yourself and others even though we’re not perfect.

The film stars Keenan Johnson and Medeline Brewer as Marcus and Wendy – a musician who by happenstance and divine intervention pops into Marcus’s life as he begins this journey. The chemistry between the two of them was incredible. The acting was phenomenal. There were a handful of scenes that had me all up in my feelings. 

The cinematography is fantastic, and I absolutely loved how closely the creators paid attention to the sound design of this film. Not only does it have a killer soundtrack, but the foley work was incredible! It almost felt like the sound was another character, whether it was something as simple as the wind, to a bird, a door unlocking, or even Marcus’s dad putting butter on his toast it made you understand the world Marcus lives in and how important sound is to him. So, by the end after he has the surgery and the audio completely flips on its head you understand his new world on a whole other level. 

Make sure you check out The Ultimate Playlist of Noise coming to Hulu on January 15, 2021!