This week the Ranger Universe was turned on its head with the revelation of Lord Zedd’s backstory! I was lucky enough to have a chat with Ryan Parrott about everything going on in the BOOM! Studios comics version of MIGHTY MORPHIN. Asking questions about what led up to this moment and what we could possibly see from here on out


Ryan has been writing Power Rangers comics since issue #1 of GO GO POWER RANGERS. Then took over the mainline story in MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS issue #40 beginning the Necessary Evil Story arc. After such the stories split into 2 separate intertwining series of MIGHTY MORPHIN and POWER RANGERS respectively. Both being helmed by Parrott.

A Huge Task for a Fan

Ryan, being a fan since 93, has more than proven his ranger knowledge and prowess with a pen. Adding more history and lore to the franchise with every new issue. As much as Ryan is adding to the ranger universe. He is doing his due diligence making sure not to muddy the waters or give us the Gosei “There’s a simple explanation for that.”

Since Hasbro has taken the reigns Ryan goes on to talk about how he has more freedom to explore new avenues of storytelling. Thus, connecting and weaving a tapestry of mythos into the Morphing Grid. Expanding stories and making sure that these stories are deeper than what we saw 20+ years ago.

Bringing Words to Life

Superstar Artist Dan Mora has taken the story from Ryan and has run with it in his stunning style. Ryan goes on to mention that Dan was his first pick to draw this rich lived-in world of Eltar. Even taking direction and calling back to famous works of art by Michelangelo himself.

We here at THS didn’t post this cover during our initial review but there is the HUGE spoiler cover by Dan Mora. AND IT’S PERFECT!

IF you haven’t gotten this issue yet what are you waiting for? Ryan Parrott has more in store so what are you waiting for get out and get this issue now!

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