If you are not familiar with the toy company Plastic Meatball you might want to check them out soon. Known for their Kenner-like figures, they have announced that they are making figures for the films Labyrinth and Time Bandits. According to a report from Superherohype.com, not only will these figures be available later this year they have also scored the likeness rights for David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

Labyrinth and Time Bandits 3.75 Inch Figures From Plastic Meatball

Plastic Meatball has confirmed that there will be four new figures heading our way. From the 1986 film Labyrinth, we will see 3.75-inch figures of Jareth (The Goblin King) and Sarah Williams. For the 1981 film Time Bandits, we will see action figures of Evil and Og in his pig transformation form. These will be the first-ever figures from Time Bandits and the first for Labyrinth in 3.75-inch scale.

You can learn more about Plastic Meatball by checking them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Source: SuperHeroHype