STAR WARS: What We Lose After Episode IX Ends


#6 Politics

Who cares about politics!  I go to Star Wars to get away from politics.  Yes and no.  Star Wars is nothing BUT politics.  In the case of the OT it was subtle and in the background for the most part.  For the prequels it was front and center but done poorly.  In the books, especially Claudia Gray’s Bloodline and Leia, it was done exceptionally well.

But think about this for a moment.  During the era of the Skywalkers the galaxy was in constant strife.  First it was the Clone Wars.  Then it was the Galactic Civil War followed by the war with the First Order.  I highly doubt any new material would jump ahead of the Saga if the Saga is being shut down.  That means you have to go to the Old Republic, 1,000 years, into the past for Galactic conflict.  We all want the OR to be sure, and eventually we should get it; However, any other movies wouldn’t touch the politics and set up in the years of the Saga films. It would either avoid the political set up of the movie or be set more locally.

#5 The Millennium Falcon

This may seem a bit odd to include in the list but stop and think.  This is one of the most iconic ships in all of sci-fi/fantasy.  From it’s a-symmetrical design to the fact it has been in 8/10 movies front and center (Okay Ep I wasn’t so front and center).  It was the center of the action in movies IV, V, VI, VII and Solo.  Many wonder if she will indeed survive EP IX and if so, who will she belong too?

The Falcon has become as big a character as any of the main cast.  In fact, she even has her own theme music and had it before Han did!  Han finally received a theme in his movie Solo.  The falcon theme is that fast beat music as they escape the Deathstar in Ep IV.  It is played every time she goes racing down some trench or tunnel.  Never having her on the big screen again will be sad.