‘Star Wars Resistance’ Recap: Episodes 7 and 8 – Series Needs to Pick Up the Pace


Star Wars Resistance Episode 8: ‘The Platform Classic’

Image: Disney

Usually you don’t see “one-off” episodes unrelated to the main plotline until well after a series is under way. Resistance has already had a couple such episodes, including episode 8, ‘The Platform Classic’. Episode 8 features the “Platform Classic”, a high-profile race that will bring visitors and revenue to Colossus . Sure, Doza mentions he wants the cash flow to beef up security, but that is the only tie-point to the greater stor arc. (This is the area in which both Resistance episodes 7 and 8 are lacking.)

Image: Disney

This episode focusses on Yeager and his angst-filled relationship with his younger brother, Marcus Speedstar. Yeager holds a great deal of animosity towards his younger brother, and with good reason. Marcus, it seems, cheated in a race and caused an explosion that killed Yeager’s family. Now, he’s matured, and is racing not for fame and glory, but for the life of his mechanic.

Resistance Episode 8 – Universe Building

Resistance episode 8 does deliver some nice tie-ins to the rest of the Star Wars universe. First, Marcus is indebted to the Guavian Death Gang, the same, red-clad gang that pursued Han Solo in The Force Awakens. They’ve taken Speedstar’s mechanic hostage. If Marcus doesn’t win, the mechanic dies. He and Yeager have first a bitter, then heartfelt airing of grievances that leads to Yeager yielding the race to his brother. Their relationship begins to mend, and the mechanic goes free, as expected.

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The episode also offers a couple other universe-building references to both written and cinematic Star Wars storytelling. Unless you’re a diehard fan like yours truly, you may have missed the reference to the Five Sabers race. Claudia Gray first talked about the race in her novel Bloodline, which had Han Solo heading a racing team much like the Aces of Star Wars Resistance. (Will we see Han make an animated appearance? Something to ponder another day….) And that explosion Marcus caused? He did so by adding hyperfuel to his main fuel line. That is surely a direct reference to how Han Solo and company made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs (rounded down) in Solo: A Star Wars story.

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I want to like Star Wars Resistance, I really do. But if we again make the episode comparison to Rebels, we’re about halfway through Season One. (Rebels Season One was 14 episodes. Resistance episodes 7 and 8 mark the midway point for this season.) We need to see more of the Aces, more character development, more Phasma, and more of That Hashtag Show friend Lex Lang’s Major Vonreg. Right now the show is  just plodding along. Hopefully that changes with episode 9.

Star Wars Resistance airs on the Disney Channel Sunday nights at 10:00 pm.