Will Kylo Ren Be Redeemed?

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

In the immortal words of Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, “I don’t care.” I honestly, really don’t. Thus far through two films there has been nothing about Ben Solo/Kylo Ren that warrants redemption. In the original trilogy, Luke could sense the remaining good in his father. Darth Vader was a creature of manipulation. All Anakin Skywalker ever really wanted was to protect those he loved. Ben Solo? Even Luke realized that the kid was just evil AF. Ren goes on to murder arguably the most beloved character of the franchise, Han Solo. Fine, he hesitated to blow Leia out of the sky. Notwithstanding, he later unleashes all of the First Order’s firepower in an effort to destroy his uncle.

Of course, Episode IX will answer the question of Ren’s redemption one way or the other. I don’t care if he is redeemed or not. The character has provided us nothing in which to get emotionally invested. Perhaps Episode IX will show us more.

So what other questions do you want Star Wars: Episode IX to answer?