The 2nd LGBTQ+ Power Ranger Has Been Introduced


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has introduced their newest hero into the game.

Ellarian, the Solar Ranger we met in the Beyond The Grid storyline, is now a playable character in the game. She was revealed with her moveset in a video from a couple of days ago.

But her character description is the part about this that is pretty incredible. The character description reads:

When Ellarien was given stewardship of the Solarix, she was unable to fully control its power. She eventually became able to tame it only by sharing the power and burden amongst herself, her girlfriend Remi, and others who became the Solar Rangers.

So, she is the 2nd and only other LGBTQ+ Power Ranger character. And this is amazing, because she is really cool. Her character in the comics was really interesting to read about.

She also joins the 2017 movie version of Trini as the 2 LGBTQ+ characters in Power Rangers. This representation is awesome for PR, but there needs to be more of it in the comics, show, and video games.

Source: Power Rangers NOW

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