Kick the tires and light the fires! At long last Hasbro confirms its next Transformers cross over. First there was Ecto-1. Then Gigawatt, the transforming Delorean from Back to the Future, sold out in half a second. Real people never had the chance to buy one. Instead it showed up on Ebay at astronomically inflated prices. Now Maverick is here – NOW!

Maverick Finally Here – Order Now!

Hasbro Pulse did not make the same mistake twice. If you head straight to Hasbro Pulse (here) you might have a chance to pre-order Maverick. Orders are limited to one per person instead of the 12 count they did with Gigawatt. Maverick runs $49.99.

This too will be a limited run, but this time they didn’t specify the number of pieces being sold. This is a pre-order. It will both bill and ship around October 7th.

Maverick Finally Here – Mach 2 and Then Some!

The transformer starts as the now retired F-14 Tomcat. Back during the run of the original Top Gun, it was the hot Navy plane as it was the only American aircraft to use the movable wing sweep design. The Navy retired it in favor of the utility knife design capabilities of the F-18 Hornet.

From there it transforms into Maverick, a 7″ robot, not too dissimilar from the Starscream design. The main difference is that one is an F-15 while Maverick is a swing wing F-14. The head however takes its design from the new Maverick helmet from Top Gun: Maverick.

The robot also comes with a miniature motorcycle, 4 missiles, and 2 alternate hands that can hold a tiny volleyball . The robot poses fairly well, so the options for display are numerous. Check out the pictures below:

Maverick Finally Here – Move Fast!

The Maverick Transformer sale is currently running , so if you would like to own one, move fast before the sell out. The secondary market takes no prisoners, only money and lots of it.