Azrael cover page
Azrael Returns

Batman: The Animated Series broke new ground when it released as a cartoon in 1992. Its animation and story telling were second to none. Batman: The Adventure Continues where The New Batman/Superman Adventures left off and continues the story of Gotham’s protectors. The most recently released issue picks up where the issue #7 cliff-hanger left off.

Batman: The Adventures Continue #8: A Fan Favorite Returns

During the Knightfall/Knights End run in DC comics, the story introduced us to a new hero, who would turn villain – Azrael. He initially showed up last issue, but #8 continues the story as Azrael continues his chaotic rampage. This issue’s Synopsis reads as follows:

After nearly killing Penguin, Azrael races to find the person who stole from the Church of St. Dumas. Batman, however, won’t allow Azrael to use such aggressive methods. Who will be left standing when the Dark Knight faces the burning vengeance of St. Dumas?!

DC Comics Press Release

It’s nice to see old characters like Azrael brought back and used again. Jean Paul Valley was such a huge part of the Bat-family back in teh day and rarely gets brought back out.

Batman: The Adventures Continue #8: The Same Classic Feel

Animated series stylings
Same old flavor

One of the things i love about this comic comes from the art. For those that grew up with Batman: TAS, the style of this title comes straight from the show. Then again Ty Templeton worked on the previous comics based off the series. Reading through this comic made me feel like I relived teh show for the first time in decades. The show ranked as one of the best cartoons of the day back then.

If you have not taken a look at this title yet, but are a fan of the old animated series, I would highly suggest giving this a try. You might want to back up to issue 7 to start this latest story arc, but that should not be difficult for your local comic shop. It can also be found on the following digital platforms—ReadDCComiXologyKindle, as well as some others.