Saved by the Bell is getting a sequel in this year of the pandemic, and it looks promising. So I’m actually rather excited about this new trailer. Not caffeine pill excited though. Just regular excited.

The entire original cast of "Saved by the Bell".
Hopefully, the entire case will reunite for this sequel.

It’s All Right

If you’re surprised that someone is doing a sequel to Saved by the Bell, you’re not the only one. I was aware that Saved by the Bell has a sequel set in college, but I never watched it. I’m also vaguely aware that there was an attempt to reboot the series before, but I never paid any attention to it. Now though, we have a sequel set years after the first series, and it seems fairly decent, according to this new trailer.

Well, it made me chuckle. That’s a start.

We can see some of the cast of the original Saved by the Bell return in this sequel. Elizabeth Berkley returns as Jessie Spano, and Mario Lopez returns as A.C. Slater. Jessie makes a strangely hilarious callback to one of the most dramatic scenes in the original series, and well, A.C. Slater is still A.C. Slater after all these years. Heck, Lopez still looks very much like him even though it’s been 31 years since the start of Saved by the Bell.

A reunion of the cast of "Saved by the Bell", minus Max.
What you’re hoping the sequel is like. Well, it kind of is. Just minus Screech, Lisa, and Belding so far.

I’m a bit mystified by all of these people calling this Saved by the Bell sequel a reboot though. This is a clearly a sequel continuing the story of Saved by the Bell. If this was a true reboot, no one from the original series would return. In fact, no mention of the original series would even be made. I’m starting to think that all of these people are a bit confused as to what “reboot” means.

Inigo Montoya pointing out everyone's mistake.
Everyone still using “reboot”: “Inconceivable!”


Saved by the Bell is getting a 2020 sequel, and it’s got a new trailer to complement the first.

Basically: A.C. Slater still being A.C. Slater.

Saved by the Bell was one of my favorite shows growing up, and this sequel seems like a worthy successor so far. Now let’s hope the show itself lives up to its trailers, whenever it gets released. Hopefully, we’ll get to see how the old gang and the new are doing in Bayside High on Peacock soon.

Source: ComicBook