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EXCLUSIVE: Riverdale Season 5 Breakdown! Guess Who’s Getting Married?

Riverdale previously announced the show would mix up the upcoming season with a five year time jump. Now we’ve learned exclusively that this results in a few key relationship shakeups. Namely, Veronica will be married after the time jump – and no, not to Archie.

Veronica’s husband is none other than Chad Gekko. If you’ve only seen Riverdale, you probably just said, who? But to Katy Keene viewers the name may ring a bell, as he appeared in two episodes of the Riverdale spinoff.

In Katy Keene, Chad Gekko is a client of Pepper’s and an investor in the Pepper Plant. On the show Chad was played by Reid Prebenda. However, Riverdale has issued a casting call for Chad, so it doesn’t look like Prebenda will reprise his role.

Reid Prebenda as Chad Gekko in Katy Keene

Here’s the casting description:

[CHAD GEKKO] Male, 20s. White. Chad is Veronica’s controlling and neurotic husband who works on Wall Street. Though charming, his failed Ponzi scheme and shady deals with Hiram reveal his moral duplicity, putting Chad’s life in danger. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

There’s definitely similarities between Keene’s Gekko and the casting call for Riverdale. At this point, it’s unclear if some of Chad’s other unsavory character traits from Katy Keene will crop up in Riverdale. (Namely, his coke addiction and prison stint.)

Another Riverdale romance shakeup

Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty in Riverdale

Veronica isn’t the only one with a new love life.

After the time jump, Jughead will have a new girlfriend. (Sorry, Bughead shippers!) Riverdale is now casting the role of Jessica, Jughead’s live-in girlfriend. Check out the casting description for more details below:

[JESSICA] Female, 20s, Open ethnicity.  A train-wreck-y hipster, Jessica is Jughead’s live-in girlfriend. Jessica makes no secret of the fact that she’s done with their relationship, since she can see that she’s not as important to him as the book he’s not writing. RECURRING GUEST STAR.   

What about Archie?

No word yet on any new beaus for Archie or Betty. Does that mean they’re actually together? For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What we do know about Archie is season five finds him following his military ambitions. Plus, an old Army buddy of Archie’s will return with him to Riverdale. Read the casting details below and check out our video for more information.

[ERIC JACKSON] Male, 20s. Open ethnicity. A veteran who lost his leg and suffered third degree burns while fighting in the Army with Archie. Ironically, Eric joins Archie to help run the fire department in Riverdale. But Eric is still dealing with his own trauma, which leads him into a darker place. ACTORS WHO ARE LEG AMPUTEES ARE ENCOURAGED TO SUBMIT…  RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[BUS DRIVER] Male, 40s, any ethnicity. Drives the bus Archie takes out to the Army. Takes his job seriously but still pulls over when Archie’s friends want to give a final goodbye…

[OFFICER BRADSHAW] Male, 30s, any ethnicity. Works the Army recruitment table at Riverdale High. Happily gives Archie information about the Army but stresses the seriousness of the commitment…

For more exclusive updates, be sure to check back to That Hashtag Show.

By Jessica Lancaster

They say write what you know, and I definitely know how to be a nerd.

54 replies on “EXCLUSIVE: Riverdale Season 5 Breakdown! Guess Who’s Getting Married?”

Don’t worry they know. After some of you guys decided you were going to harass anyone who interfered with the ship. I used to like bughead before that lol.

I am SO USPET that Betty and Jughead will not be together not watching the show ANYMORE unless they get together again!!!!!

The writers also confirmed at the start of the show that Barchie is endgame. “Betty and Archie aren’t dating, but they are, endgame”. I hope bug head never gets back together and that Barchie happens because they are the purest that love gets. I know there are a lot of bughead shippers but I honestly think think that you guys only like bughead because you like Cole Sprouse (who really is not that good looking at all. KJ Apa beats him). So, if that is the reason you ship bughead, you should just ship Barchie. They are meant to be together, always have been, always will be. #Barchie

Yes but besides what happened in the 4th season, they never happen. If there is anyone to be mad at it is Archie since, in the beginning, he shot Betty down. And thank god she came to her senses and realized that she loves jughead, not Archie. Archie may not love Veronica and is just dating her that way it doesn’t seem like he is waiting for Betty, Bughead is real! Get used to it. They probably are gonna get back together. But another reason why Barchie won’t happen is that it will destroy the core 4 because I bet that Jughead and Veronica will be very upset, sorry hon, maybe next show!!!!!!

I would like to point out the many grammar mistakes you made, I won’t wast my time. Barchie happens in almost every episode with the eye contact, inside jokes and deep understanding of each other. So, it wasn’t just in season 4, it was also in season 2 (and like I said, almost every other episode filmed). No disrespect inteded but you are wrong with almost every single thing you said. Barchie is literally the best ship out there and I think in season 5 it will happen because the writers and every Riverdale fan that isn’t a bughead shipper is tired of the boring old, no chemistry, non electric bughead. Barchie is full of the things that a good ship should have like, love, chemistry, electricity, passion, and closeness that Betty will never with any one else but Archie. Reply to this comment if you agree😇


Well actually I’be learned for Cole BECAUSE of Jughead so I don’t like Bughead because of him I don’t even like him that much so I wish that Betty and Jughead are together.

Well actually I’ve learned for Cole BECAUSE of Jughead so I don’t like Bughead because of him I don’t even like him that much so I wish that Betty and Jughead are together.

Really?! Barchie isnt endgame and I really wish Jughead would beat the hell out of Archie for messing with Bughead. Bughead is endgame. I swear if they let Barchie happen the views will go down and people will start hating on Riverdale and it will be cancelled. So Barchie better not happen. And Jessica, Jugheads supposedly new girlfriend isnt even his type and Im surprised she isnt going to end up dead because Jessica is ruining Bughead. There are only two endgame
relashionships and they are Bughead and Choni. Thats it Barchie isnt endgame and it shouldnt happen.

They do in episode 25. It’s confirmed that he breaks up with jessica and in episode 25 he gets together with Betty and have sex

I think they break up and then get back together because they miss each other and then they get married

They’re gonna break up. It says in the description that her and jughead and hanging on by a thread because of the book he is -not- writing.

I hope Archie and Betty get together.Its time for a new perspective and to let go of the old high school fantasies .

They’re seriously killing off Bughead just because Lili and Cole broke up?? Whatever… as long as Jughead Jones is still alive and I get to see Cole’s handsome mug, I’ll continue to watch it….

But what abt Choni what’s going to happen to them and the twins and grandma Rose. Will we see less of choni because Vanessa is pregnant with her baby boy ?

Ikr. They get the most screentime out of all the couples and still complain about stuff. It’s literally a tv show. Some of the people ranting are like 30 bruh :/

Like WTF everyone likes Bughead and will be upset if they break up like I barely survived Cole and Lili’s break up but Betty and Jug’s this is too much.

obviously bughead will get back together. everyone is saying no one will watch anymore, but the idea is that everyone will watch to see what happens, and in the end they’ll get back together and everyone will be happy.

Archie and vee will break up, jughead and bee, then Archie gets into a relationship with Betty and they get married

It says that Jug and Jessica will break up (and betty’s Not dating anyone) so bughead will get back together. AND the writers of riverdale HEAVILY implied that bughead get married soooo

A family member works on the show bughead will be endgame in season 5 they just want to stir things up. Barchie isn’t going to happen and they are barely friends at all in season 5.

WTF? Why writers? Is this because Cole and Lily broke up that you are breaking up Bughead? This sounds like a double jump the shark move by the writers. Why would Veronica marry a guy just like her father? Very few fans want Barchi. Don’t do it! None of these spoilers sound like anything I want to watch. I will probably not watch the show anymore. It sounds like the writers have totally run out of ideas.

I actually want to cry rn. Big head is end game and they can not be over. Veronica is ment to be with Archie and that is that. They can not do this. I feel like I’m going to HATE this season and it’s probably gonna make me not like Riverdale 😭😭😭

Bughead need to stay together. Varchie need to stay together.Fans are going to be disapointed if Bughead and Varchie are endgame.

noooooooooooooooooooooooo i need bughead they are perfect together maybe they will even get back togther irl i need bughead

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