No “Plain Sight” Plan For Star Wars Sequel Trilogy


Unlike Star Wars creator George Lucas having a plan for the Star Wars original trilogy (with knowing a few aspects of what became the Star Wars prequel trilogy), there wasn’t a plan for the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

This was all in plain sight. After all, different directors were assigned to each of the three sequel trilogy films.

Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow (photo credit:
Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow (photo credit:

There being no plan was made clear from J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s been well-documented, many plot points and questions that Abrams set up were shot down by Johnson.

Did Lucas Have A Better Plan For The Sequel Trilogy?

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill put it well.

“Remember, George had an overall arc. If he didn’t have all the details, he had sort of an overall feel for where the three were going. But this one’s more like a relay race. You run and hand the torch off to the next guy, he picks it up and goes. Rian didn’t write what happens in 9 – he was going to hand it off to, originally, Colin Trevorrow and now J.J.”

Not that the films would have been better than the sequel trilogy, but had Disney used three script treatments it acquired from Lucas, at least there probably would have been a plan.

So Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy brought back Emperor Sheev Palpatine in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. She claimed that was long in the plans. Even if that is true, that still isn’t a grand plan, but just a plan that only one character was coming back.

Kathleen Kennedy (photo credit: Vincent Sandoval/FilmMagic)
Kathleen Kennedy (photo credit: Vincent Sandoval/FilmMagic)

I’ve been pounding my head thinking that I had believed that there was some sort of plan for the sequel trilogy. Because I knew that a different director was assigned to each of the trilogy’s films. I didn’t connect that with there not being a plan. I didn’t connect it with it being a relay race, as Hamill said, and the baton being passed to the next guy to start anew. Why I didn’t is beyond me. Perhaps it’s because my love for Star Wars clouded my judgment. I had an expectation accompanying that love that the sequel trilogy would have a plan like the original trilogy did.

But what do you think? Was there not being a plan for the Star Wars sequel trilogy in plain sight? Comment below!


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