Beelzebub celebrate their new child

What may be one of the weirdest concepts for an animated slice of like comedy is about to get an animated cartoon. Finnish animation studio Pyjama Films; backed by Finland’s national broadcaster YLE. Will be making an animated cartoon on the webcomic Beelzebubs.

The webcomic Belzebubs revolves around the father; a death metal band member named Sloth. His photographer and wife Lucyfer; and their two teen children, Lilith and Leviathan.

The style of the comic is similar in style to old Sunday family comic strips. Such as Calvin and Hobbes, Dennis the Menace, or Family Circus. Having the family deal with mundane everyday problems but with a death metal twist to it.

The comic and concept are very similar to The Addams Family. Revolving around a family where dark and disturbing is the norm. In the comic, the family fully embraces being devoted to the Satanic. Rituals, occult, demons, possessions, worshiping the dark master, all are completely normal in the Belzebubs family.

Just another normal day in the Belezbubs family

Belzebubs Cartoon

Belzebubs will be created by J.P. Ahonen and will be a thirteen-part family sitcom centering on the Satanic family. The show is described as a cross between ABC’s Modern Family, and The Addams Family. According to Variety,

Over the course of the first season, the story arc sees Sloth struggle in his combined duties as a stay-at-home dad and frontman of a black metal band.

It is likely that the studio is hoping Belzebubs will be as big and long-running of a hit as the mentioned Addams Family. Filling that small but creative and fun niche of a family who embraces being weird.

Besides the existence as a webcomic, a virtual Belzebubs band has taken the death metal scene by storm. With a debut album already under its belt, it is planning an international tour for next year.