Van Helsing is a show that has never been afraid of taking chances. So opening this season with a time travelling trip back to Dracula-era Transylvania shouldn’t be a surprise. The episode begins back in the present with Violet (Keeya King) and Ivory (Jennifer Cheon Garcia) locked up after stopping Dracula from escaping back to the White House. It is great to see these two work together after the beginnings of Ivory and Jack.

Keeya King as Violet – VAN HELSING

Luvia Petersen (Continuum) shows up as the very enthusiastic interrogator. They’re trying to understand why they tried to assassinate the president. Before finding out the truth thanks to Violet being the boss’ daughter and having inside knowledge of the compound.

Van Helsing
Axel played by Jonathon Scarfe
What kind of gun is that?

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Doc (Rukiya Bernard), Julius (Aleks Paunovic) and Axel (Jonathon Scarfe) have a terrifying reunion over at the research facility. Like any good horror story, the vampire killing chemical experiment went horribly wrong. Doc treats Julius with an experimental procedure as the anti-vampire agent also stops their healing factor. I feel like the extent of the healing that those turned back has never really been properly explained and I doubt it ever will which is a shame. Once both groups have resolved their issues we get a very brief chat between Violet and Axel so they are we the viewers are all on the same page, the Dark One is president and Violet and ivory are going after her.

Van Helsing S05E04 image
My Fellow Americans…

The White House is reeling from the video from last season showing a vampire being turned human and the Dark One is bored with politics (aren’t we all) but Bathory manages to convince her to stay the course even as her Chief of Staff starts to become suspicious.

After Violet notices the change in the blood amulet and opens the vial some of the Dark One’s essence which we watched my girl Jack work so hard to get escapes and makes its way back to the source. Finally we see Bathory trying to look into the future after assuring the Dark one of her impending victory and only finds the children of Van Helsing when she draws the Tarot cards.

I like seeing our weird vampire hunting family moving forward with a common goal. I am eager to find out if we are going to see or perhaps learn more about what happened to Jack in the past.

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