Great Scott!! If you are a fan of Back to the Future and NECA you will love the reveal NECA had for us tonight. NECA has just given us our first fully painted look at their Ultimate 1985 Doc Brown action figure. You may remember this figure was teased during this summer’s NECA Comic Con Panel. You can check out that panel here.

Ultimate 1985 Doc Brown

NECA could not have picked a better day to reveal the Ultimate 1985 Doc Brown action figure. You see November 5th was the date that Marty went back in time to 1955. Unfortunately, NECA did not reveal much about this figure but here is want they posted on Facebook.

Doc Brown

Great Scott! #flashbacktothefuture is back with our Ultimate 1985 Doc Brown. Teased during this summer’s Comic Con Panel, here is a first look at the fully painted figure.

I know if you are like me, you probably can not wait until NECA releases more on the new Ultimate 1985 Doc Brown action figure. But until then you can enjoy the photo tease that was released tonight. You can also check out the NECA Comic Con panel reveal picture below.

Ultimate 1985 Doc Brown.
Photo: NECA

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