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Doctor Who: Celebrate 50 Years of The Master With ‘Masterful’

The Master just turned 50. That is to say, it’s the 50th anniversary of the Master’s first TV appearance on Doctor Who. (We don’t know how old the tricky Time Lord really is, but it’s definitely older than 50.) Roger Delgado first appeared as the Master in the 1971 serial “Terror of the Autons.” Fans […]

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Christopher Eccleston Says He’ll Return To Doctor Who “When Hell Freezes Over”

After 15 years, Christopher Eccleston is reprising his role as the Ninth Doctor – but only on audio. If you’ve been hoping to see Eccleston back on the Doctor Who series, you’ll be holding your breath for a while. Eccleston recently appeared on Lorraine, a British daytime talk show. When host Lorraine Kelly started hinting […]

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Big Finish Announces Doctor Who ‘Gallifrey Time War 4’ Details

ROMANA!!!! Okay, now that I’ve screamed a little…let’s talk about Gallifrey: Time War 4. Big Finish has been producing Doctor Who audio dramas since the late ‘90s. The Gallifrey range first launched in 2004, making it one of the platform’s longest running properties. It’s a sci-fi political drama that incorporates both classic Doctor Who characters […]

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Can Your Favorite Companion Or Character Return To Doctor Who?

In a show as long running and expansive as Doctor Who, we’ve all developed our favorite characters over the years.  Maybe you loved Clara, or maybe you wish you could see the OG companion Rose Tyler again. After the most recent series brought back Captain Jack Harkness, fans clamored more than ever to see their […]


DORS 8: River Song Meets K-9!

Big Finish’s next River Song story will see the time-traveling archaeologist meet the Doctor’s canine companion! The Diary of River Song: Vol. 8 centers thematically on River’s interactions with various robots, including K-9. Big Finish hasn’t released plot details for the individual stories yet. However, based on the description for the boxset, River meets K-9 […]

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Doctor Who Gets Immersive Theater Experience ‘Time Fracture’

Immersive Everywhere revealed details for the upcoming Doctor Who: Time Fracture event. The immersive theater experience will feature an original story arc. Audiences will meet Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords and more as they travel across space and time on a special mission to save the universe. Here’s the official story description for Doctor Who: Time […]

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Christopher Eccleston Returning To Doctor Who In New Audio Adventures

In the pantheon of reunions that I would say “that’s never happening”, this one is pretty high up there. Christopher Eccleston was the first (9th) Doctor of the new reboot series in 2005. His run as the Doctor on Doctor Who cemented the idea that a reboot was not only possible, but great. When he […]

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SDCC 2020: Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious

Recently, creators of the upcoming multi-platform Doctor Who event Time Lord Victorious sat down to discuss the project at Comic-Con. Read on to find out everything we learned during the panel! What is Time Lord Victorious? Time Lord Victorious is an ambitious multi-platform Doctor Who story event. “It’s comics, it’s audio dramas, it’s novels, it […]

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New Doctor Who Story Attempts to Make Sense of The Master’s Recent Timeline

Time Lords are supposed to have thirteen lives…but The Master has never been one to follow the rules. The Doctor’s best friend/arch nemesis has gone through great lengths to stay alive since the character first arrived on screen in 1971. They’ve snatched bodies and cheated death more times than anyone can count. In the series […]

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River Song Reunites With The Tenth Doctor

Big Finish announced River Song will return in a new audio drama with the Tenth Doctor. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song will be a three-episode, full-cast audio production. David Tennant and Alex Kingston will reprise their television roles as the Tenth Doctor and River Song respectively. The series also features guest appearances […]