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Paramount+ Streaming Service Launches March 2021

Paramount+ will be ViacomCBS’s answer to streaming services like Disney+, Peacock, and HBO Max. At least, when we finally get to see what it’s like. The streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access will rebrand itself as Paramount+ starting in March 4, 2021. Why, you might ask? Well, apparently, ViacomCBS (CBS Interactive’s parent company) […]

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The Stand: Fear and Loathing in New Vegas – Review

This review contains minor spoilers. As the saying goes, you can’t con a con. This week we delve into the world of deceit in a fully linear episode of The Stand. We spend time with the spies in both New Vegas and Boulder, and we examine the reach of Flagg’s power. As the first episode […]

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Star Trek: Discovery S3 EP11 & EP12 Review

The latest episodes of Star Trek: Discovery “Su’Kal” and”There Is A Tide…” had a lot of action, a lot of emotion, and a lot of desperation. Some very tough calls are being made by the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery. And a true test of character and strength is taking place. The Source of The […]

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Discovery S3:E11 – So It Begins

Every show plods along during the season. It has its ups and downs, but when it reaches those last few episodes of the season the action ratchets up, the drama and intrigue increase exponentially and the stakes get incredibly higher. Discovery has reached this end point and things just picked up. Answers begin to be […]

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Discovery S3:E10 – Goodbye and Hello Again

For the past several weeks I have practically had Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke or auto-play. Its a fantastically funny Christmas Comedy with a nice little twist to it. How does this pertain to Discovery? Emilia’s boss, Santa, who owns the year-round Christmas shop where she works, sasses her, belittles her, degrades her, and refuses […]

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The Stand Ep 1: The End of “The End” is the Start

When the opening of the new adaptation of The Stand begins, it is very clear that this is a different take on a familiar story.  It also telegraphs that linear storytelling is out the window on this go round.  The first shot is a view of a cornfield accompanied by the voice of Mother Abagail […]

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Star Trek: Discovery S3E7 Unification III Review

Thanksgiving brought us a new episode of Star Trek: Discovery to be thankful for. Season 3 Episode 7 “Unification III” finds Michael feeling alone even when she is surrounded by those she loves most. Unification and Reunification are themes that reverberate throughout the episode. The episode begins with Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) questioning […]

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Star Trek: Discovery S3E6 “Scavengers” Review

This week on Star Trek: Discovery Season three episode six “Scavengers”, Michael goes on an unsanctioned mission after receiving a message from Book. Micheal Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is not adapting well to her new circumstances. Although she seems fine and well put together, being under orders is still an adjustment. Her personality has, […]

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Star Trek: Discovery S3E5 “Die Trying” Review

This week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery truly lived up to its name. In episode five of its third season “Die Trying” felt like it was the crew of the Discovery’s last chance to stay together and keep one another from falling into despair. Episode Spoilers ahead. Unfamiliar Territory The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery […]

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Star Trek Discovery – Where Will Season 3 Take Us?

Star Trek Discovery sits two episodes into the season with episode 3 set to drop this Thursday. We knew season 3 would take place in the year 3188, some 930 years from where it started, but what is the show’s goal this season, and is it accomplishing this goal? Let’s see where will season 3 […]