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It Looks Like Nebula And Drax Are In Thor: Love and Thunder

It looks like the entire Guardians of the Galaxy squad may show up in Thor: Love and Thunder. Chris Pratt previously confirmed an appearance in the upcoming Thor flick. However, we didn’t know if Star Lord would appear alone or alongside his ragtag team of friends. While appearances from the other Guardians have yet to […]

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McFarlane Toys: DUNE 2021 Collectible Figure Line To Launches For The Holiday Season

If you are a fan of DUNE then you will want to check out this announcement from McFarlane Toys. Today McFarlane Toys announced the launch of its DUNE 2021 movie action figures. These 7″ figures will retail between $25 to $40, and will be available at many retailers like Target, Amazon, and many others. Here […]

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Celebrities Make Fan-Film Version of The Princess Bride For Charity

Quarantine without The Princess Bride ? Inconceivable! That must be what filmmaker Jason Reitman thought when he came up with the idea back in March. Reitman partnered with Quibi and called up some famous friends to make the at-home recreation possible. “The week that the stay-at-home order came through in California, I just woke up […]

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Denis Villeneuves DUNE Begins Production

Production has officially begun on the Denis Villeneuve production of Dune. Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment are hoping this will be the beginning of a lengthy franchise. Villeneuve’s resume of Sicario, Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 lends high hopes to what audiences should anticipate. Warner Bros. and Legendary released the synopsis for the first film, […]

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WWE: Batista’s Shocking Return Ends Monday Night RAW

The rumors can finally be put to rest, Batista has returned to the WWE! The seeds were planted late last year during Smackdown Live’s 1000th episode, where Evolution had a reunion. “The Animal” took the microphone last during that segment back in October, and he made sure to let everyone know that Triple H never […]


WWE: Who Will Surprise Us At The 2019 Royal Rumble?

Ah, the Royal Rumble.  Over the past couple of years the surprise entrants of this event have become almost as exciting as post-Mania debuts.  Who will join the ranks of Kairi Sane, Rusev, Bubba Ray Dudley, AJ Styles, and Tye Dillinger?  With the exclusion of every NXT call up we know about, here are a […]

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Dave Bautista Isn’t Worried About Getting Fired By Disney Regarding James Gunn

Dave Bautista who plays Drax The Destroyer in Guardians Of The Galaxy and it’s sequel along with Avengers: Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4, has recently stated that he is not worried about Disney firing him in regards to him speaking out about the firing of James Gunn. James Gunn who was the writer […]

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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Bautista Threatens to Quit

Dave Bautista plays the popular character Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise.  He has been one of the most vocal supporters of James Gunn since he was fired by Marvel Studios and Disney.  The former professional wrestler recently gave an interview (via ShortList) that punctuates his displeasure.  Bautista is willing to walk […]