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Patty Jenkins Reveals Intense Fight with Warner Bros. Over Wonder Woman Production

Patty Jenkins, the acclaimed director of Wonder Woman, reveals that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than we could even imagine. Especially in terms of disagreement. In a recent podcast, Patty Jenkins has come out with some rather interesting information about Wonder Woman‘s production. It seems that for a lot of […]

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Wonder Woman 1984 Releases Opening Scene in Anticipation of Impending Release

Wonder Woman 1984 will debut on HBO Max on December 25, 2020. Just in time for Christmas, really. To commemorate this, and to build up the hype for it, Warner Bros. have released the opening scene for the film. The opening scene from Wonder Woman 1984 shows a much younger Diana (Gal Gadot) competing in […]

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Plastic-Man Getting Female Led Film From Cat Vasko

One of the earliest DC heroes is finally coming to a screen near you. Plastic-Man, or in this new case, Plastic-Woman is being put into development by DC. Cat Vasko (Black List) is being hired to write a script centered around the DC hero. This project has long been gestating at Warner Bros. but went […]


Superman Returns Sequel Almost Happened According To Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh was not fully appreciated in his turn as Superman. That manifested itself in poor box office numbers for his lone film, Superman Returns. The long-awaited Superman film in 2006, had high hopes, but was bogged down. It made a respectable $391 million at the box office. But that wasn’t enough for Warner Bros […]

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Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Offered $50 Million For Two Joker Sequels

The prospects of a sequel to Joker were looking slim. Especially after the film’s release, both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix were against the idea. Especially for someone like Phoenix, who is a consummate artist, and a firm believer in the process of filmmaking. The Mirror is reporting that Phoenix has been given an offer […]

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DC Fandome Day 1 Review And Recap: DC Wins Big With Event

If you were a little wary of what DC’s Fandome event would entail, you weren’t the only one. The event was the inaugural virtual fan-convention for Warner Bros and DC. The event was originally slated to be even bigger but had to be split into multiple days. The first day’s action focused on the movies […]

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James Wan Discusses Aquaman 2 at DC Fandome

The King of Atlantis will return! Today is DC Fandome, as you know by now, and the panel reserved for the Aquaman franchise has just concluded. The panel featured director James Wan and Ocean Master himself, Patrick Wilson.  The panel consisted of the two discussing different stories and experiences from the production of Aquaman. They […]

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The Snyder Cut Of Justice League Gets More Fleshed Out At Fandome

DC’s Fandome has been filled with surprises. One of the surprises that was revealed before the event started was that Zack Snyder was getting a director’s cut of Justice League. The 2017 film was plagued with production problems and meddling from the Warner Brothers producers. Zack Snyder kicked off the panel thanking fans for getting […]

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First Look at Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton in ‘The Flash’ Released!

Holy multiverse Batman! Today is DC Fandome and the panel for the upcoming Flash solo film has just concluded. The panel featured Barry Allen himself, Ezra Miller, director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbara Muschietti, and writer Christina Hodson. The panel was structured very frantically, much like The Flash himself, and was a loose discussion of what […]

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DC FanDome Splits Across Two Days

FanDome, DC’s virtual fan experience, will now split up its events across two non-consecutive days. DC FanDome will move forward with its originally scheduled date (Saturday, August 22), but with some programming moving to a second date, September 12. We’ve got everything you need to know about the change here. When’s My Panel? First and […]