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Patty Jenkins Reveals Intense Fight with Warner Bros. Over Wonder Woman Production

Patty Jenkins, the acclaimed director of Wonder Woman, reveals that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than we could even imagine. Especially in terms of disagreement. In a recent podcast, Patty Jenkins has come out with some rather interesting information about Wonder Woman‘s production. It seems that for a lot of […]

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Wonder Woman – Message Over Motion & the Road Ahead

While it can be said all movies follow this formula, Comic book and Sci-fi/fantasy fall victim to it more than others. They must balance the formula between message and motion. The ratios of message and motion change depending on what story creators wish to tell. Some forgo message almost entirely, relying heavily on motion(action) to […]

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Warner Bros. Releasing Entire 2021 Film Slate On HBO Max Including Dune And Suicide Squad

That’s right, Warner Bros. is not messing around in 2021. Dune, Matrix 4, In the Heights, The Suicide Squad, and more will all be coming to streaming and theaters simultaneously. It’s a gargantuan move from the studio. It’s a shocking move that somewhat makes sense because the realization of theaters not being fully open for […]


Superman Returns Sequel Almost Happened According To Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh was not fully appreciated in his turn as Superman. That manifested itself in poor box office numbers for his lone film, Superman Returns. The long-awaited Superman film in 2006, had high hopes, but was bogged down. It made a respectable $391 million at the box office. But that wasn’t enough for Warner Bros […]


DC Announces DC Future State Look At 2021

DC Comics by all accounts had a pretty fantastic year. The circumstances aside, we had great books from a lot of their characters. Their big storyline, Dark Knights: Death Metal concludes in early 2021 (January 5th) and was a smashing success. Their newest plan, DC Future State starts in January and goes into February. It’s […]

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Harley Quinn Season 3 Coming to HBOMax

Harleen Quinzel – the dame that will not die. Recently, her solo DC Comic title ended on issue 75, but that seems to be the only place she’s taking a step back. Her cartoon show which aired on the failing DC Universe app received strong word of mouth from fans and critics, but the DC […]

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DC Universe Drops Streaming Content, Becomes Comics-Only Platform

DC fans will have to enroll in yet another subscription program if they want to keep streaming DC shows and reading DC comics. This morning the platform DC Universe announced it would become a comics-only subscription platform in January 2021. When DC Universe launched back in September of 2018, it promised fans access to their […]

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Brings Superman To The Dark

DC FanDome features a whole bunch of new news, but this one will be about a particular bit of news. What news, you may ask? I’m talking about the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game by WB Montreal. And no, the title doesn’t lie. Who Watches the Watchers? It appears that the Suicide Squad’s […]

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DC Fans, Get Ready for FanDome (Trailer)

If you felt let down by Comic-Con this year, you’re not alone. The virtual SDCC event came and went without any big news or revelations, especially for superhero fans. But another event is stepping up to the plate: DC FanDome. This morning DC released a teaser trailer for FanDome. The virtual event updates fans on […]

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Is HBO Max Going To Absorb DC Universe?

Let’s get straight to the point: the future for DC Universe is not looking bright. At least as an independent platform, anyway. The DC-Comics branded streaming service launched back in September of 2018, making it just under two years old. But instead of growing and expanding from its initial launch, the service keeps shrinking. DC […]