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The Mandalorian Coming To GoH Mobile Game

For four and a half years, Star Wars fans have enjoyed the mobile platform game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  Other games came and went, but GOH endured and does so even to this day.  While the game’s excitement rose and fell, an interesting tid-bit released recently.  The characters from The Mandalorian are coming to […]

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Ominous Video Posted To EA Star Wars YouTube

It looks like Darth Revan is about to make a return as JEDI REVAN! The video, titled “The Road Ahead…” went up on the EA Star Wars Youtube channel, then immediately became “unlisted”. The thumbnail for the video sports a “Galaxy Of Heroes” logo, so it’s either a new game in the series or an […]

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STAR WARS Games: Galaxy of Heroes Review

Today’s game is perhaps one of the hottest and best Star Wars games running right now.  Made for phone systems, Galaxy of Heroes is a fantastic game for those that like team vs team battle games.  Heroes is a 5v5 battle game where you can choose from an amazingly diverse cast of characters.  Factions may […]