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THS Rumor Watch: Is George Lucas Writing For The Andor Series?

If it wasn’t for rumors, the offseason for Star Wars would be pretty boring. From rumors of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series being canceled to Disney throwing away the sequels and starting over, there was a lot to keep us busy. Well, there is one rumor that just seems to never go away. You know the […]

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Why Kathleen Kennedy Is Good For Star Wars

When George Lucas turned Star Wars over to Disney, the House of Mouse immediately tapped long-time producer Kathleen Kennedy to fill the role of Lucasfilm President. Kennedy came with an impressive resume. She’d already worked for decades alongside Lucas and Steven Spielberg on some of the film industry’s biggest blockbusters. Her first foray into the […]

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George Lucas Reveals His Reasons for Selling Star Wars to Disney

Turns out, George Lucas had a plethora of reasons for his selling the entire Star Wars franchise to Disney. We may not like the outcome, but he had his reasons. And it seems now, he has decided to tell them to us. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock since 2012, George […]

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Darth Maul and Darth Talon in the Star Wars Sequels? (What could have been)

The “would have, should have, could have” debate over the Star Wars sequel trilogy rages on. From questions regarding character’s roles to Colin Trevorrow’s take on Episode IX, fans have had plenty on which to postulate and ponder. This time, however, the source material for discussion comes from an unlikely place. Believe it or not, […]

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George Lucas’ Sequel Trilogy Would’ve Featured Leia as Chosen One

We all know by this point that George Lucas never managed to make his own vision of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy a reality. Turns out though, it would’ve been a lot more interesting than what we got from Disney. Especially with the return of fan-favorite villain, Darth Maul, as the main villain. Not only […]

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Does George Lucas Get Too Much Credit for Empire?

George Lucas is rightly heralded as the genius behind the Star Wars franchise. However, when it comes to what is considered the greatest film in the franchise – Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – does Lucas get too much credit? Lucas was not the director of The Empire Strikes Back, nor […]

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Star Wars Saga: Top 8 Jaw Dropping Moments

Throughout it’s life, Star Wars has wowed audiences over and over again. It pulled at heart strings and showed us thing never before seen in movie history. This latter category is what Star Wars did best. George Lucas pushed the envelope in every way possible when it came to shooting his movies. He pioneered cinematic […]

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The Mandalorian: What Does George Lucas Think?

One season in, The Mandalorian is one of the best Star Wars productions. What does the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, think about The Mandalorian? There are a handful of things that provide a good indication. 1. Lucas Has Visited The Set Of The Mandalorian That’s given away by footage in Disney Gallery: The […]

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“Willow” Sequel Series in Active Development, According to Ron Howard

Willow (1988) is apparently getting a sequel in the form of a Disney+ series. And according to Ron Howard, it’s in active development. Disney still hasn’t given it the greenlight, but it’s still something. Wait, What’s This? If you’ve never heard of Willow before, you’re likely not alone. If hearing that George Lucas wrote the […]

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‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (Again): Star Wars Film Tops Box Office 40 Years After Original Release

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back stunned audiences when it first hit theaters in 1980. It’s darker tones and cliffhanger ending were a stark departure from the feel-good, celebratory conclusion of its 1977 predecessor. Misunderstood at the time, Empire grew to become what is universally regarded as the best film of the entire Star Wars […]