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Rumor: Multiple Batmans To Appear In ‘The Flash’ Film – Plus Another Surprise Cameo

Get ready for the multiverse. The Flash movie hopes to feature multiple recognizable Batmen. Fans keeping track of the progress for The Flash know the movie will bring in the “Flashpoint” arc from the comics. While director Andrés Muschietti said the film’s Flashpoint story won’t directly follow the comics plot, it will still involve Barry […]

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THE FLASH SEASON 5 Gustin Reveals New Flash Costume

Star of CW’s The Flash, Grant Gustin, posted the first official look of the superhero’s new threads.  Earlier this week, a photo leaked of Gustin’s new costume for The Flash Season 5.  Immediately, many viewers began giving negative comments on the costume and Gustin’s physique in general.  This Wednesday, the star replied to his critics […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Breakdown For ’THE FLASH’ Season 5 Reveals Barry Allen’s Next Villain!

The fourth season of CW’s The Flash came to an end this month as Barry Allen faces off with the Fastest Mind alive in The Thinker. Last year, we at That Hashtag Show revealed the breakdown of the new characters of Season 4 which included The Thinker, The Mechanic, and the Elongated Man. With a fifth […]