Batman: Death In The Family Brings The Story Home On Blu-Ray

The animated wing of DC’s home video department has been on fire for many years now. With releases of most of the famous Batman arcs already out, it was only a matter of time before they got to this one. Batman: Death In The Family was a comic arc that shaped an entire generation of […]

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Batman: Death in the Family DVD- Who Did You Kill?

Back in the 80’s DC Comics did the unthinkable. They killed a sidekick, and not just any sidekick. Jason Todd, who became the second person to don the Robin tights fell into a trap. Joker nearly beat the life out of him, but then let the exploding building do the rest. Only they didn’t do […]

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REVIEW: Red Hood And The Outlaws #25 Hits Hard Without Throwing A Single Punch

What am I talking about this time: Red Hood And The Outlaws #25 Written by: Scott Lobdell Art by: Dexter Soy Cover by: Trevor Hairsine Variant cover by: Yasmine Putri Overall Review: 4 out of 5 Lego Red Hoods Is it worth $4.99? Man, $5 is a lot of money, but yeah… this comic has […]

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DC Comics Forces Jason Todd To Wear A New Red Hood Costume Made From Rejected WWE Merchandise

Hey, have you guys seen this cool fan art of what the Red Hood would look as a WWE wrestler? I’m sorry, What now? What’s that you say? It’s not crappy fan art, but the real official image of the new Red Hood outfit moving forward. Oh. Shit. No. No No No NO NO NO!!!! […]