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Second ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Trailer Shows Carol Danvers Take Flight

While the first trailer for Captain Marvel just gave us a tease of what to expect from Marvel Studios March 8, 2019 film, tonight’s second trailer certainly shed a little more light on things. It certainly seems that the Kree-Skrull War will be the point around which Carol’s past and present will collide and that […]

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Marvel Legends ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Wave Indicates The Supreme Intelligence Will Appear

Marvel Studios has been awfully cagey when it comes to the identity of Jude Law’s character in Captain Marvel. While it was originally reported that he signed on in the role of Walter Lawson, the identity assumed by Mar-Vell when he served as a Kree spy beginning in Marvel Super Heroes #12, the studio’s reluctance […]

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5 Things We Noticed In The CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer

It finally came today and boy was it great. Marvel studios finally dropped the eagerly anticipated trailer for Captain Marvel and if you didn’t blink you might have seen a few cool surprises. Incase you did blink don’t worry That Hashtag Show has you covered. Here’s a few thing’s we noticed in the first of […]

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Higher, Further, Faster…The First ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Trailer Is Here!

Marvel Studios has finally delivered the first full trailer for next year’s Captain Marvel solo film and it is mind blowing! Fans have been on the edge of their seats for their first look at Carol Danvers in action since the Avengers: Infinity War stinger and the trailer did not disappoint. Marvel Studios has said […]