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Zynga Opens New Studio, Partners with NaturalMotion to Work on New Star Wars Mobile Game

A new Star Wars mobile game doesn’t exactly fill you with a lot of hype, does it? And yet, that’s exactly what Zynga is working on. They’re even putting a lot of resources into this, judging by this new game studio they’re opening up. Zynga announced today that they’re opening up a new game studio […]

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Nintendo Quirky Game & Watch Handheld Launches Today to Commemorate Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary

Nintendo has never been afraid to be a little…quirky with their game releases. How else do you explain them releasing a Game & Watch handheld game set in this day and age, even one featuring Super Mario Bros.? The Game & Watch handheld game sets are a series of consoles dating back all the way […]

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Pokemon Go Mega Evolutions Likely

The mobile app Pokemon Go has been a success like no other. Not only has the app smashed records when it comes to downloads and player engagement. It has reignited a Pokemon fever not seen since the franchises peek in the 1990s. As the game has gone on it has continued to add more and […]

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DRAGALIA LOST TRAILER Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s newest RPG (role-playing game) made for mobile gaming.  It released a new trailer that focuses on the game’s story and characters.  Nintendo developed Dragalia Lost with Cygames and will launch the game for iOS and Android on September 27th. DRAGALIA LOST’S STORY Dragalia Lost’s new trailer highlights its […]