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Toy Review: Pinfinity Augmented Reality Pins

It doesn’t matter what your fandom is, there is always something new and exciting coming out to add to our collections. From action figures to pins there is a lot out there for you to choose from. Well, thanks to Pinfinity we now have even more to add to our collections. Pinfinity is changing the […]

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New Transformers for 2021: 86 Movie Gets Some Love

Earlier today, HasbroPulse did their first Fan First Friday to introduce the next wave of transformers that will hit shelves at the beginning of 2021. Classic fans will rejoice with the mix of not only old generation returns but the new Studio 86 series releases. The Transformers 86 Movie gets some love at long last […]

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The Toys That Made Us Release Date ANNOUNCED

Finally! Straight from Walter Jones’ mouth together with that creator guy Brian Volk-Weiss, we have an official announcement for The Toys That Made Us! Check it out! What’s on deck for The Toys That Made Us! As we previously reported during our SDCC 2018 coverage, TTTMU is going to cover four new franchises. Power Rangers […]