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Crossover Battles: B1 Battle Droid vs. Watcher

In this episode of Crossover Battles, we’ll pit two lowly redshirt machines from two different universes against each other. They are the B1 Battle Droids from Star Wars, and the Watchers from Horizon Zero Dawn. But before we can do that, we need some stats on our two contestants first. Contestant 1: B1 Battle Droid […]

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Aloy and Talanah Set Out On a New Adventure in “Horizon Zero Dawn #1” Comic (Review)

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s story continues in this Titan Comics comic book sequel to the hit 2017 video game. Spoilers abound here for both the game and the comic, so ye be warned. When Robo-Dinos Will Rule the World Horizon Zero Dawn #1 takes place several weeks after the final battle with a rather pissed off […]

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Sophia the Robot Makes First Comic Con Appearance

Artificially intelligent humanoid robot, Sophia, will make her first comic convention appearance at the first annual Ogden UnCon June 7-9, 2019. Sophia the Robot, the masterpiece of Hanson Robotics (, has captivated nations and has become an internet sensation. Sophia has met with world leaders, addressed the United Nations, appeared on TV shows such as The Daily […]