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Outside The Wire Delivers Popcorn Action to Brighten Up Your January

Is Anthony Mackie the new Terminator?! Close! But no cigar.(See what I did there? Because Schwarzenegger smokes cigars…)Netflix’s latest offering Outside the Wire drops us into the middle of a summer action movie, perhaps to warm up the dead of winter and whatever the hell else we’re calling the world right now. Yeah, So, Outside […]

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Aloy and Talanah Set Out On a New Adventure in “Horizon Zero Dawn #1” Comic (Review)

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s story continues in this Titan Comics comic book sequel to the hit 2017 video game. Spoilers abound here for both the game and the comic, so ye be warned. When Robo-Dinos Will Rule the World Horizon Zero Dawn #1 takes place several weeks after the final battle with a rather pissed off […]

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Adventure Racing Game Defunct Now Available For Nintendo Switch

Indie adventure racing game Defunct launches for Nintendo Switch today! The game is available worldwide in the Nintendo eShop, which means it can now be played handheld for the first time. Defunct is the first digital Switch release by SOEDESCO, though more Switch titles are soon to follow. Dainty robot in distress In the distant […]