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The Walking Dead Drops New Look At Extended Season 10

The Walking Dead returns next month for the special episodes extending season 10. Check out AMC’s teaser for the six episodes below. During last year’s San Diego Comic Con, The Walking Dead announced plans to shake up its airing plan. In light of the unexpected production delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the series decided […]

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The Walking Dead Returns in February – See A Table Read, Get Episode Details Now

After battling with a real-life outbreak, The Walking Dead will finally return in February. During San Diego Comic Con this year, TWD announced it would shakeup its airing plan. The series decided to extend the tenth season of the series for an extra 6 episodes. These will help bridge the gap between the current season […]

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Did The Walking Dead Season 9 Finale Introduce the Commonwealth?

The Walking Dead Season 9 finale has aired, and it may have laid the groundwork for the next big story arc ripped directly from the comic books.  [Be warned, this article is about Season 9, episode 16, titled “The Storm” and may contain spoilers.]  The episode ended with King Ezekiel contacting Judith Grimes via a […]