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Super Nintendo World Leak Hints at Donkey Kong Expansion

Some very enterprising people managed to data mine Super Nintendo World’s mobile app in Japan. Through this data mining, they’ve managed to find out something nice. It seems that the rumored Donkey Kong expansion will be coming to the theme park sometime in the future. We’ve got Twitter user @KRoolKountry to thank for this Super […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Armie Hammer, Alexander Skarsgard Top Choices for Universal’s ‘THE INVISIBLE MAN’

While Universal has tabled plans to build its “Dark Universe”, it is still a top priority for the studio to find vehicles to deliver its stable of classic monsters to modern audiences. The Invisible Man has moved to the front of the queue and though the studio parted ways with Johnny Depp, they are preparing […]

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Exclusive: Gal Gadot Is Studio’s “Top Choice” To Join Dwayne Johnson In Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson’s Red Notice doesn’t begin shooting until 2019 but Universal is already in pursuit of another big name to join the fast moving heist film. We have learned that Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is the studio’s “top choice” to join Dwayne Johnson in the action-comedy set to come out Summer of 2020. In Red Notice, Johnson […]