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Netflix Wolverine – Sharp As A Razor Or Dull As A Spoon?

It feels strange to talk about this. In today’s streaming world we expect all of the DC titles to end up on HBOMax, all Marvel/Star Wars titles to end up on Disney+ and so forth, but here’s the thing. Contracts take time. Disney just bought Fox and often Netflix signs deals on titles a year […]

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My Comic Rewind: Origin – The Wolverine

Almost 19 years ago, one of the greatest mysteries in Marvel Comics had the veil pulled back. From his first cameo appearance in The Incredible Hulk #180 back in 1974, Wolverine has been one of the most enigmatic comic mysteries going. Twenty-seven years later, Wolverine finally got his canon backstory; a six-part arc called Origin. […]

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What Marvel Superhero Could the Russo Bros. Be Doing Next?

In a Reddit AMA, Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of: Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War went through a variety of questions from fans. A fan asked if there would be a director’s cut of Endgame. The Russo Brothers even got a question about which scenes were the hardest to film for them. While the answer […]

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Why Wolverine Was Not In ‘Dark Phoenix’

Why was Wolverine not in the latest X-Men movie Dark Phoenix?

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Could Scott Eastwood Play the MCU’s Wolverine?

Disney and Fox’s merger is now complete. And with that, the Fantastic Four and X-Men are going back home to Marvel Studios. That leads to questions, however. A big one? Who will play Wolverine now that Hugh Jackman is done with the character? The last Fox-owned X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, is releasing next month. New […]