[Warning: Reading further or clicking on GoT links in this article will expose you to spoilers for Game of Thrones, Season 8, episode 3. Unlike Rian Johnson however, we’re warning your first.]

Rian Johnson just can’t seem to keep quiet, can he? For the last year and a half the Star Wars: The Last Jedi director has taken to social media and interviews to defend his interpretation of Star Wars. (Although, an indirect effect of the disdain for The Last Jedi he created may be a renewed interest in Episode IX. Trailer view numbers for The Rise of Skywalker obliterated those of the last two films.) Unfortunately, it’s not Star Wars fans he’s angering this time, though. Now he’s ticked off Game of Thrones fans, as well.

Game of Thrones; Rian Johnson
The Night King comes to Winterfell. (Image: HBO)

As we know, the Night King finally came to Winterfell in Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones. The battle went pretty much as fans and the show’s characters expected. White Walkers and wights overwhelmed Winterfell’s defenses. Favorite characters who’d survived for seven-plus seasons fell, and others seemed on the brink. Notwithstanding, Arya Stark, in a surprise move, made good on her seven-year build-up as an assassin. It was none other than the younger Stark daughter who took out the Night King. However, in an effort to be cheeky, Rian Johnson spoiled the moment before many fans could see it first-hand.

Rian Johnson Spoils Game of Thrones Shocker

In an early tweet in Monday, April 29, Rian Johnson thought he’d be funny by throwing some shade at The Last Jedi haters with this tweet:

The obvious “joke” he’s making is that the show treated the Night King’s death like he did that of Snoke. He’s poking fun at those who complained about such treatment because it did not fit their theories for the character. In doing so Rian Johnson once again shows his complete disconnect from fans of both the Star Wars and Game of Thrones franchises.

Game of Thrones; Rian Johnson
The Knight King at Winterfell. (IMage: HBO)

First, his childish jab at detractors of his own film shows just how thin-skinned Rian Johnson really is. That he admittedly made a film to “subvert expectations”, and still can’t take the heat resulting from his own actions, shows an utter lack of maturity on his part. When it comes to Game of Thrones, however, he proves he doesn’t care about that fandom, either. Tweeting what amounts to an obvious acknowledgement of the Night King’s death within hours after the episode aired for the first time? That’s just a jerk move from the Hollywood director.

I didn’t care for Rian Johnson before. I have even less respect for the man now. A lot of people didn’t like your film, Rian. Get over it, and stop ruining the fun of other franchises because of your fragile ego.