Lando Calrissian

Image: Lucasfilm

We’ll be telling you about Lando’s presumed role in Episode IX later today. For now, all we know is that Billy Dee Williams is back to reprise his role. (It also seems that Lando’s daughter will also make an appearance.) After so much fan backlash to bringing back original trilogy characters only to kill them off, I don’t foresee J.J. Abrams making the same mistake with the suave smuggler. Look for Lando to fly off in the Millennium Falcon at Episode IX’s conclusion.

Prediction: 87% chance of survival.

R2-D2 and C-3PO

Image: Lucasfilm

These two droids have now made appearances in every single Star Wars movie except Solo: A Star Wars Story. The bickering droid duo is integral to Star Wars. Still…. Artoo was always the brave one, and Threepio was the coward. As Artoo has shown time and again, his bravery almost always gets him into trouble. Though I hate to say it, I think Threepio survives, but Artoo will have rolled through his final mission.

Prediction: 20% chance Artoo survives; 90% chance Threepio will survive Episode IX (although we will likely never see c-3PO again).