If you’re following any of the wonderfully reputable websites that report on complete rumors like “Goldberg going to AEW”, Cody Rhodes put those to rest. The AEW executive and TNT Champion succinctly and quickly gave those rumors no credence. Goldberg has two years left on his WWE contract with two matches a year. That means that even if AEW wanted to sign him, it would be two years down the road. Two years in wrestling, is an eternity. AEW also does have a track record of signing former WWE employees, but they don’t usually sign 50+ year olds for in-ring capacity.

Whoever made this rumor up got a whole lot of sites and news outlets with it though. Goldberg’s last match with WWE was not a great one. He won the Universal Title from The Fiend and then lost it to Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania 36. He was slated to feud with Roman Reigns before the event, but Roman was forced to pull out due to virus concerns. Goldberg hasn’t been seen since that event.

The former WCW superstar has already gotten his two matches in 2020, so the next time we’ll be seeing him is likely in 2021. Who knows who he’ll end up facing at that point. If Roman Reigns returns to the company, it could be against the master of the Spear. What do you think of the Goldberg to AEW rumors? Did you think they were a crock of crap too? Let us know on Facebook at THS Wrestling.

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Source: Twitter