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Death In The Family Exclusive Q and A

After WB’s live stream of the upcoming Death in the Family Interactive DVD movie. The actors, Bruce Greenwood (Batman) ,Vincent Martella (Jason Todd), and Zehra Fazal (Tala); and producer Brandon Vietti participated in an exclusive question and answer panel with the press. During the panel, the actors answered questions submitted by journalists about their experience […]

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Batman: Death In The Family NYCC Panel Excites And Interacts

Today’s panel was an exciting one covering the soon to be released Death in the Family interactive movie. The panel hosted producer/director/writer Brandon Vietti. Along with actors Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella, and Zehra Fazal. The beginning of the panel was spent explaining how the interactivity of the movie will work. Director Brandon Vietti explained that […]


Batman: Death In The Family Brings The Story Home On Blu-Ray

The animated wing of DC’s home video department has been on fire for many years now. With releases of most of the famous Batman arcs already out, it was only a matter of time before they got to this one. Batman: Death In The Family was a comic arc that shaped an entire generation of […]