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‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Hits Disney+

You can now stream X-Men: Days of Future Past on Disney+. The 2014 film becomes the first live-action X-Men movie to hit the streaming service. The rights to the franchise have become Disney’s after the Disney acquisition of Fox. This means we can probably expect the rest of the X-Men films to land on Disney+ […]

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Was ‘Dark Phoenix’ Originally Fox’s Answer to ‘Captain Marvel’?

Was Dark Phoenix originally to much like Captain Marvel?

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WonderCon 2019: DARK PHOENIX Exclusive Clips Revealed

Wondercon 2019 got off to exciting start. 20th Century Fox’s DARK PHOENIX panel gave us some exclusive clips of last installment of the X-Men franchise before it heads over to Disney control. The director of the film, Simon Kinberg, explained the true purpose of DAYS OF FUTURES PAST. It served as a vehicle to get […]

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X-MEN DARK PHOENIX On-Set Pics of Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain [SPOILERS]

X-MEN DARK PHOENIX X-Men Dark Phoenix recently began re-shoots in Montreal and pictures from the set have appeared online (Universo X-Men / Twitter).  They show Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain interacting in motion capture suits. THE STARS X-Men Dark Phoenix is the newest addition to Fox’s X-Men franchise and is a sequel to 2016’s X-Men […]