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Super Nintendo World: A Short But Sweet YouTube Tour

Super Nintendo World just opened on February 4, 2021. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s only in Universal Studios Japan at the moment. Even without COVID-19 mucking things up, traveling all the way to Japan to visit a theme park is beyond the means of most people. Fortunately, Universal Parks News […]

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The Real Ghostbusters Animated Series Will Arrive on YouTube Free This Weekend

Ghostbusters will work with YouTube to bring you free episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. Looks like they’re trying like mad to build up hype back for the franchise in time for Afterlife. Well, I’m not complaining. According to their Twitter post, Ghostbusters will release the first episode of The Real Ghostbusters on their YouTube channel […]

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Top 5 Star Wars Christmas Light Displays On YouTube

With Christmas only a few weeks away, I decided it was time to get into the Christmas Spirit. While were getting close with watching the original Star Wars Holiday Special, something was missing. Then it hit me, Christmas lights. So, while looking on YouTube for some ideas, I came across some amazing Star Wars displays. […]

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Peter Jackson Details Lord Of The Rings 4K Remaster In New BTS Video

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, The Lord of the Rings films (including The Hobbit trilogy) got a 4K remaster on December 1, 2020. To celebrate this, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment have released a short video detailing the whole remastering process. Even better, Peter Jackson himself […]

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Order 66 Complete Scene Fan Edit You Won’t Want To Miss

Thanks to our friends over on the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022 Facebook page, we just saw an amazing fan edit of the Jedi’s darkest hour during Order 66. With Scenes from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Revenge of The Sith and Jedi Fallen Order, you will relive the fall of the Jedi. Check out […]

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Josh Gad Reunites the Fellowship

Actor and comedian, Josh Gad, launched a YouTube program called Reunited Apart.  His favorite focus comes from the 80’s where he reunited via streaming casts from Back to the Future, The Goonies and more.  This past Sunday, Gad reunited the fellowship from Lord of the Rings.  What an interaction it was! Gad Reunites the Fellowship: […]

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Jedi Temple Challenge Launches This Weekend

As a kid growing up, some of the earliest game shows meant for kids were shows like Double Dare where kids attempted navigate obstacles and solve puzzles to win.  In the case of shows like Double Dare the path usually entailed a lot of slime, goop and mess along the way.  Starting this weekend, a […]

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Luminous Witches Details Revealed in New Video

Kadokawa released a short promotional video, or PV for short, on YouTube giving us details about the new Luminous Witches anime, coming in 2021. Basics On April 9, 2020; Kadokawa posted a new promotional video for Luminous Witches: a new anime set in the Strike Witches universe and produced by studio Shaft (famous for Monogatari […]

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Toei is Launching a NEW Tokusatsu YouTube Channel!

Toei is about to “Henshin” the digital landscape by launching a worldwide channel dedicated 70 of their long-running Toku series’. What is Tokusatsu? A Japanese genre of film and television drama featuring superheroes and special effects. Wiktionary Most commonly in the United States, we would know some of these shows as Power Rangers, Big Bad […]

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STAR WARS Top 10 Music Videos On YouTube

Now that some of us have some extra time at home because of the Coronavirus what are we supposed to do! Yeah I know we can watch all the Star Wars movies over and over, but it is time to change it up a little bit. So, today I am going to give you my […]